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Secap 30K Address and Barcode Printer – 060322044003A

The Secap 30K address and barcode printer is built for demanding applications requiring speed, quality, and durability. Its simple yet rugged design offers high performance and the reliability you need in the industrial mail processing industry, at a cost far less than larger, more cumbersome printers. 30K Inkjet Printer is designed for printing over 30,000 postcards or 25,000 envelopes per hour. Barcodes and other graphics can be printed anywhere on the mail piece at resolutions of 150,200,300 or 600 dpi, using renowned Hewlett-Packard inkjet technology. By recognizing postal codes in the address, the 30K can automatically generate postal barcodes. In addition to supporting any Windows-compatible font, addresses can be printed with up to 12 different internal fonts, which are scalable from 4 to 30 point sizes, and can be combined with such styles as bold, italic, outline, and with varying widths. With all of these attributes, you could create 11,040 different fonts for each character! Bryce is the only company in the world that offers such a wide range of typefaces.


  • Address, Logo, Return Address & Indicia in One Pass
  • Moveable Heads to Cover the Largest Area
  • Scalable Fonts, Graphics & Spot Color
  • 600 DPI, Highest Quality and Speed Available
  • Production Speeds up to 30,000 per hour
  • Standard Cartridge, Fast Dry, Spot Color or Bulk Ink
  • Detachable / Changeable Feeder for Feeding Different Applications
  • Windows Plug & Play, Standard Interface, Use with most Software Applications including Pitney Bowes, PostalSoft, Satori, BCC, SmartAddresser, AccuZIP 6, Mailers, etc.
  • No Need to Change your Software or buy a new computer!


  • Up to 30,000 #10 envelopes/hour in super draft quality
    Up to 22,500 #10 envelopes/hour in draft quality
    Up to 13,000 #10 envelopes/hour in letter quality
    Up to 6,500 #10 envelopes/hour in executive quality
  • Total of 3″ using 6 pens over an image area of 13.5″ x 15″
      Length: 5″ to 15.5″
      Thickness: up to ½”
      Width: 3″ to 14″


150 x 600 – Super Draft
200 x 600 – Draft
300 x 600 – Letter
600 x 600 – Executive

Super Draft, Draft, Letter, Executive

Internal: 12 scalable fonts
Attributes: Regular, Bold, Italic, Invert, Outline and 5 widths Barcode USPS, Planet Code Barcode, EAN-13/UPC-A Internal

USPS, Planet Code Barcode, EAN-13/UPC-A Internal

HP Inkjet standard high resolution, Versatile Black, Fast Dry Formulation, Spot Color: Yellow, Blue Green, Red; bulk ink for high volume applications

Centronics, Parallel or USB

Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME and XP

27″W x 24.5″D x 15″H

120 Lbs.

120 Vac. 60 Hz.


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