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Neopost SA50 Direct Address Printing System

Direct Address Printing System Specifications

The SA50 System replaces address labels with high-quality, inkjet printed addresses that project a professional, personalized image for your company. It’s been proven that response rates to printed envelopes are almost 50% higher than non-personalized labeled mail. To help you achieve that professional, personalized look, the SA50 offers a total of 12 different typefaces in various point sizes and styles.

Printer Speed:
Maximum speed of up to 9,000
addresses per hour. Actual speeds will
vary depending on number of lines of
print, number of characters per line,
barcoding, size of piece, print quality,
and font.
Print Technology:
Neopost has partnered with Hewlett
Packard to provide state of the art
inkjet technology.
A total of 12 different fonts including:
Courier, Helvetica, Times Roman, Letter
Gothic, and Brush Script in various point
sizes and styles.
Print Quality:
200 DPI
300 DPI
450 DPI
600 DPI
Material Size (L x W):
Length: 2.75″ to 19.6″
Width: 5.2″ to 17.1″
Material Thickness:
Height: 17″ Depth: 11″
Width: 15″ Weight: 5.4 lbs
Agency Approvals:
CUL & FCC Class A

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