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PSI Laser Mail 3640 – 102620023940

Wrinkle Free – High Impact, Full Color Envelope Printing

The competition is no match for the crisp, sharp, full color laser envelopes printed with PSI’s Laser Mail 3640. Full Color laser printing guarantees your envelopes will standout over envelopes printed on spot color machines.

Unlike bulk mailings, envelopes printed in Full Color using PSI’s 3640 look personalized and important. This ensures your mailings will have a better chance of being opened and read.


The Color Laser Mail 3640 system boosts your operation’s production due to the ease of setup and the high capacity of the ‘load on the fly’ feeder and stacker.

With a feeder capacity as high as 1000 envelopes, less frequent feeder reloads are required. The ability to add and remove envelopes while the system is in operation adds flexibility to your color laser address printing allowing you to maximize your overall production.

You Can Control your Consumable Cost

The Color Laser Mail 3640 printing system includes digital technology that allows for individual replacement of toner cartridges and image drums. This means you only replace what needs replacing not all colors at the same time. This cost effective design feature saves you considerable consumable costs overtime and provides reliability for maximum uptime. Multi Purpose Color Laser Printer

Similar to the other printers in the Laser Mail Series, PSI’s Color Laser Mail 3640 is multifunctional and will print on envelopes, post cards, glossy stock, labels and standard paper.

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