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EFI ES-1000 Spectrophotometer Fiery Color Profiler Suite – 020822093912

The EFI ES-1000 provides a flexible solution simple to use and easy to install. Connect to EFI RIP servers with a USB cord and then quickly calibrate your output devices to produce consistent, reliable color. Using the EFI ES-1000 you will generate spot colors by capturing them from a physical swatch and then include them in the EFI server’s spot color library, so you can easily print the color you need. Faster measurements, greater patch recognition, and no waiting.

Flexible Solution for Consistent, Reliable Color
Congratulations on your EFI ES-1000 purchase. Achieving predictable color is a major challenge for any business. The EFI ES-1000, a color measurement device, solves this dilemma by providing fast, precise and flexible color management that produces the highest color quality, saving businesses precious time and money.
Consistent Color
The ability to reproduce a given color the same way each time it is printed can be a major challenge for any print provider. Digital printers, particularly color copiers, are susceptible to gradual shifts in performance, as a result of changes in temperature and humidity, fluctuation in CMYK toner levels, and use of various paper stocks. By using a Fiery-driven® printer and the ColorWise Pro Tools calibration procedure, the printer is set to a known state where color stability is achieved. The calibration process is a critical task that should be performed regularly to ensure color consistency.
Calibrating with the ES-1000:
With Fiery ColorWise calibration and the ES-1000, the greatest calibration accuracy can be achieved. Instead of using the scanning device of the printer to measure the toner and control strip, the spectrophotometer is used. The EFI ES-1000 measurements are far more accurate and consistent than those of a scanner.
Creating Custom Color Libraries with the ES-1000:
With Fiery Spot-On, it is easy to create accurate color matching for logo colors and other spot colors in an automatic, application independent workflow. The EFI ES-1000 can be used within Spot-On to generate precise spot colors for custom items such as brand logos and letterhead by capturing colors from a physical swatch and including them in the server’s spot color library.

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