2007 Mitsubishi Imaging DPX 4 Platesetter – 091321011130

Model: 100074

S/N: 10280

The drum in the DPX 4 is based on the latest manufacturing technologies. It is made of extruded aluminum to ensure the highest degree of precision and accuracy. The DPX 4 will expose at any resolution between 1200 and 3000 dpi. This is achieved by automatically and dynamically adjusting the spot size through varying laser intensity and focus. This results in a perfect spot that gives you high quality prints.

The DPX 4 comes standard with one media compartment and a Bacher 2000 punch set in the 425 mm position that can be easily changed to the 220 mm position. A separate Bacher 220 mm punch and/or Komori 550 mm punch are optional and field upgradeable.

The built-in twin-bath processor has one temperature controlled activator tank with mechanical stirrer and circulation pump to ensure even processing and a stabilizer tank. Both tanks have sensors for controlling the chemistry level and active replenishment to ensure the correct level of new chemistry in the tanks and to achieve precise activation of the plate. The dryer unit is sensor equipped for computer controlled temperature, ensuring a properly dried, ready-to-use plate. The DPX 4’s maintenance friendly design means the processor requires minimal attention and gives you more time for your core business – Printing.

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