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Creo Veris Proofing Machine – 081919011556

Creo Veris Proofing Machine

S/N VS00343

Proofing Machine Description

The Creo Veris proofer, a breakthrough in proofing technology, provides high-resolution contone proofs that set a new standard for inkjet proofing quality. Based on Creo-developed Multi-Drop Arrayâ„¢ inkjet imaging, the Veris proofer produces a controlled stream of precisely-formed, precisely-placed drops at 1500 x 1500 dpi for high-quality, repeatable proofs that are accurate predictors of the final printed job. The Veris proofer redefines the state of the art in image quality, repeatability, and predictability, especially when compared to other, lesssophisticated inkjet technologies that use larger, less precisely-placed drops of ink on paper.

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