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Accufast PMx Addressing System – 071922000420A

Revolutionize commercial ink jet printing with the AccufastPMx. The AccufastPMx enables any business to add print heads and increase productive capacity without re-working the shop or endangering quality, service or efficiency using its unique X-Pansion technology.  The AccufastPMx can be purchased with 1 or 2 print banks, but can be upgraded with additional heads.  The powerful production capabilities combined with simple usability make this a perfect printing tool for your business.

S/N: 890056

Accufast PMX Physical Specifications

  • Height Adjustable: 33” – 37” input, 37” – 41” overall
  • Inside Width: 17.5”
  • Outside width (including covers): 20.83”
  • Length: 42”
  • Machine Weight: 145 lbs.
  • Accessories Weight:  15 lbs.

Construction Details

  • Sub-frame composed of welded steel with aluminum 8020 transport tables.
  • Side covers composed of durable formed steel.
  • Transport belts measuring at 40 inches dual vacuum transport belts of non-stretch bonded belt.
  • Ball bearings are locked to each shaft.
  • Precision ground (+/-.001) encoder wheel mounted on ball bearings allow for precise imaging.
  • Comes with step lock casters when purchased with a stand; stand sold separately.

Electrical Details

  • Std. 2 imager configuration 120/240 VAC 50/60hz 5/2.5 amp.
  • For each additional imager, add 1.5 amps at 120 VAC.

Performance Specifications

  • Variable speed from 0 to 100 in. per second (about 30,000 post cards per hour).
  • Software linked to resolution and speed.
  • 150, 200, 300, 600 dpi horizontal print resolution.
  • 300, 600 dpi vertical.

Piece Specifications

  • Thickness: Single sheet to ½ inch
  • Maximum Width: 17.5”
  • Maximum Length: 17”
  • Image Area: Up to 4 imagers with 1.5 inch print each; two 3” print band imagers come standard. This is dependent on the number of imagers

Printing Specifications

  • Fonts: Utilizes all true font types from the host computer. A wider array of fonts can be used by downloading them online.
  • Bar Codes: The printer operating software comes equipped with all common bar codes.
  • Precise Image Control: Single pixel (1/300 in.) image placement control for vertical and horizontal dimensions.
  • Productivity: An average piece that is 10” in length runs at 15,000/hour at 300 x 600 dpi. Variances in the piece length, print resolution and image complexity may affect productivity.

Imager Configurations

The AccufastPMx features a customizable imager system. Two imager mounting bars capable of supporting up to 4 images, each with up to 4 cartridges; 3 cartridges is the standard.  The image below displays a satellite imager with two individually-mounted cartridges, a single auto capping and a single manual capping imager. This PMx configuration will print two sets of bands on pieces up to .5” thick; one measuring at 1.5” and the others measuring at .5”, which creates a total of 4” of print height. This application was created to print blocks of information, including: a delivery address, return address and indicia, text at the bottom of the book piece, and two small barcodes.