2009 Presstek Vector FL52 Computer to Plate System – 080219015242

2009 Presstek Vector FL52 Computer to Plate System w/ Rip Computer

S/N 47-550

Computer to Plate System Description

A Presstek Vector FL52 thermal platesetter and Presstek Freedom Pro chemistry-free plates provide the short-run, small format (52 cm and under) printer with a unique metal platemaking solution for higher productivity, cleaner operation and lower materials and production costs. The system is designed for maximum ease-ofuse to streamline your entire platemaking operation while delivering the speed, quality and performance you need to meet customer demands.

Its compact size and ability to operate in normal conditions allow this CTP unit to fit into virtually any commercial environment. Handling and imaging plates under normal daylight
conditions eliminates the costs and special provisions required for safe-light and darkroom processing. The Vector FL52 uses breakthrough technology to achieve high output of up to
16 plates per hour at low production costs. Using Presstek’s patented ThinDrum design and SureFire imaging technology, the Vector FL52 offers superior quality and the consistency. The Vector FL52 also features a small footprint, with the plate washer built directly into the device rather than requiring a separate unit. The Freedom Pro plate is inserted at the front, imaged and water-rinsed inside the unit before being discharged as a finished, press-ready plate. Freedom Pro thermal metal plates are designed for run lengths up to 25,000 impressions, and are priced competitively with polyester plates.

Computer to Plate System Features

• Metal CTP plates that are priced competitively with polyester
• Thermal technology
• Images Presstek’s Freedom aluminium base plates
• Daylight-safe
• No chemistry required
• Streamlines plate production
• Compact design
• 2400 Resolution
• Plate sizes up to 525 mm × 505 mm (20.66″ x 19.875″)
• Semi-automatic plate loading
• Integrates with Presstek Momentum Pro workflow and RIP
• Exceptional on-press set-up, performance and reliability
• Integrated plate rinse with water

Computer to Plate System Specifications

Operating Specifications
Imaging Technology ThinDrum
Laser Technology Presstek SureFire FL: Class 1 laser product
Media Freedom Pro thermal plates
Media Supply Single sheet, semi-automated feed
Plate Lengths Selectable over the range:
365 mm to 505 mm (14.375″ to 19.875″)
Plate Widths 280 mm to 457 mm (11″ to 18″) and
508 mm to 525 mm (20″ to 20.66″)
Maximum Image Area 530 mm W x 472 mm L (20.66″ W x 18.58″ L)
Plate Thickness .15 mm and .20 mm (.006″ and .008″)
Resolution 2400 dpi
Screening Up to 175 line screen
Speed Up to 16 plates an hour
Plate Washer Integrated water wash with scrub rollers
Register System Dual internal register pin system
Operating Environment Daylight-safe; 15.5–23.8°C (60–75°F);
40–80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Physical Specifications
Electrical Requirements 200–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 amp, single phase;
NEMA L6-20R receptacle
Weight 454 kgs (1,000 lbs)
Dimensions (L×W×H) 147 cm × 74 cm × 132 cm (58″ × 29″ × 52″)

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