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2001 Screen Plate Rite 4000 Computer to Plate System – 092822000609A

Screen’s PlateRite 4000 B2-size thermal platesetter brings the functionality of Screen’s acclaimed 8-page PlateRite 8000 to the task of producing thermal plates for 4-page presses. Thermal plates have attracted attention because they produce crisp dots, support long run-lengths, and can be handled in daylight. The PlateRite 4000’s high-speed drum rotation of up to 1,000 rpm, combined with the 32-channel laser diode exposure head, result in productivity of up to 16 plates per hour. A wide range of plates can be exposed for plates are reliably secured to the drum with Screen’s own high-precision clamping system. The automatic drum balancing mechanism enables the PlateRite 4000 to expose plates of various sizes, all at maximum speed.

Model: PT-R4000 (S/N: 497)


Includes Rip Computer

  • Dimensions: 46.4″ (H) x 68.9″ (W) x 40.6″ (D)
  • Weight: 1,320 lbs

Plate sizes:

  • Maximum: 32.7″ x 25.4″
    Minimum: 18.4″ x 15.5″


  • Single phase 200 „ 230V± 10% 3kW 15A

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