1998 Printware PlateStream 34 Color+ Platesetter – 110420114430

The Printware Platesetter is a compact, high resolution digital Platesetter for a range of small-format printing applications. Plates are exposed using a patented laser imaging system, and automatically processed.

The Platesetter is controlled by a Raster Image Processor (RIP); several different RIP options are available, depending on the most common type of work to be done. The system is driven by the host computer on which the operator composes the text and graphics to be imaged. Once the print job has been composed on the host computer, it is sent to the RIP, where it is prepared for imaging. The rasterized file is then sent to the Platesetter where the file is imaged onto a plate.

I/O Panel
The I/O panel is located on the top rear of the platesetter. This I/O panel is used to connect the Platesetter to an external RIP
High Speed
The Platesetter images plates up to a rate of 120 plates per hour and up to 36 inches per minute. Plates emerge right-reading for easy proofing and final plate checks. The Platesetter can image any width from 9″ to 13.3″ and any length from 12″ to 22″. The maximum roll length is 280″
Load Door
The media load door is located on the left side of the Platesetter providing quick, easy loading of plate material
Control Panel
The control panel is an applet on the RIP. The control panel keys allow you to perform a number of adjustment and diagnostic functions, and the 8 x 40 character display shows status, error messages, and function menus.

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