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ZONESUN L Contract Film Packaging Sealing Cutting Machine & Shrink Film Sealing Machine – 080322000490A

L-type sealing and cutting machine is to be packaged items placed in the shrink film, the use of pulse fusion sealing and cutting method, so that the shrink film heated and sealed in the cut off the completion of the packaging, and then through the infrared shrink film agent for heat shrinkage, complete close packaging. This machine is used in the front process of the items that need to be packed with shrink film. It is suitable for use with shrink film sealing and heat shrink machine.

  • L-Type Sealing & Cutting Machine
  • Voltage: 110V/60W
  • Power: 100W
  • Sealing & Cutting time: 0-3sec
  • Max Sealing and Cutting: 500 x 350 mm
  • Overall Size: 950 x 550 x 370 mm
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