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X-Rite iCPlate2 X Plate Measuring Device – 120221010530

This device solves one of the most difficult tasks in the printing industry – quick and accurate quality control of the Computerto-Plate (CtP) process. iCPlate2 meets the needs for the most popular offset litho and polyester plate types with AM and FM screening. With iCPlate2 XT where applicable the dot diameter, screen ruling, the screen angle and the logarithmic visual coverage are calculated and displayed. To avoid having to check each individual measurement during the linearization of a CtP, the iCPlate2 XT offers the possibility of measuring an entire curve with up to 100 sample points and then transferring it to a host PC. Beside standard iCPlate2 measurement values, iCPlate2 supports measurement values according to the Fogra Measuring Bar FMB. Through a purchased password, the iCPlate2 X can be upgraded to an iCPlate2 XT at any time. The power-saving electronics and LED technology allow up to 30,000 measurements for each set of batteries (2 ordinary commercial AA batteries), which means that no limits are placed on mobility. With the icon-based, graphical user interface X-Rite offers the user a simple, easy to understand operating concept. Included in the complete package are the iCPlate2 Target and the Capture Tool software. With the Target, you can check the device at any time and with the Capture Tool software data can be copied into a word processor, a spreadsheet or another software program

Model: iCPlate2 X

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