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X-Rite i1 Eye-One Pro Spectrophotometer 42.17.79 Rev D – 092821105610

General Information
Eye-One Proof lets you take control of your color byCalibrating and profiling all of your monitors LCD, CRT and laptops
Profiling your digital camera environment, including capturing flash and ambient light.
Profiling your RGB printers to ensure your output is as brilliant as your work.
Profiling your CMYK printers using Easy* mode for those quick comps you need.
Profiling your digital projector so your presentations will shine.
Profiling your scanner so you can easily convert analog photos to digital art.
Allowing you to edit your profiles – giving you the ultimate in control.
Measuring spot colors that you can incorporate in your work or use to make sure the colors in your photo are exact.

Eye-One Proof Features and Benefits
One measuring device for both emissive (monitors) and reflective (print) modes Flash and ambient light measurement with Eye-One Pro Easy-to-use, step-by-step software interface  no extra manuals needed Laptop mode for better, more neutral laptop LCD profiles Luminance settings for matching multiple monitors to each other Gray balance optimization on monitors for more neutral and better defined grays Includes the ideal color tool to measure, mix and share spot colors and custom color palettes, as well as build CxF files – all with the powerful Eye One Share software  Edit profiles with the new Profile Editor  includes simple editing functions for the most popular editing needs Includes all measuring accessories One push button monitor calibration support for Eizo CG18, CG19, CG21 and LaCie Electron b4 monitors USB powered – no extra power cable required

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