X-Rite Gretag Macbeth D200-II 36.51.03 Transmission Densitometer – 092016112450

D200-II, the transmission densitometer for professionals

Type: D 200 II
S/N: 3246-28184

The D 200-II transmission densitometer from GretagMacbeth is
the unit of choice for all applications in the field of:

• reproduction
• desktop publishing
• photo typesetting

as well as for technical and medical applications. Thanks to the microprocessor control (e.g., the controlled measuring lamp) the D 200-II features the highest accuracy within the entire measuring range, up to 6.0 D. The unit is easy to use and it is very rugged, in other words, it is the densitometer for the professional. Changing the measuring aperture and the measuring tube is a one-step operation making it easy to set up the unit for your particular application. The D 200-II meets the highest demands, no matter whether your application includes silver or diazo film, continuous tone, halftone or lineart material.


Display digital, LCD
Measuring geometry specular / diffuse
Color temperature light source approx. 3000 Kelvin
Calibration zero point: automatic, slope: for density
Apertures Ø 1 mm, Ø 2 mm, Ø 3 mm, slotted aperture 0.3 mm x 3 mm
Reproducibility ± 0.01 D (in the range of 0 to 4 D)
Linearity ± 0.01 D (in the range of 0 to 4 D)

Interinstrument ± 0.02 D (in the range of 0 to 4 D)

Measuring ranges density 0 – > 6 D
(apertures Ø 2 resp. Ø 3 mm)
density 0 – > 5.5 D
(aperture Ø 1 mm resp. slotted aperture)
dot area 0-100%, positive / negative
Resolution 0.01 D / 1% and 0.001 D / 0.1%
0.001 D (in the range of 0 to 1 D)
0.1% (in the range of 0.0% to 99.9%)
Spectral characteristics V (l) standard
Material to be measured max. 15 mm thick, max. 610 mm wide
Warm-up time none
Dimensions 47 cm x 31 cm x 17.5 cm
Length of measuring arm 32 cm
Light table 37.5 cm x 31 cm
Weight approx. 7 kg
Options special measuring tubes
aperture Ø 0.5 mm
serial interface

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