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X-Rite 408 Color Reflection Densitometer – 092821111135

Densitometer Description

The X-Rite 408 features several state-of-the-art technologies that place the instrument a step above competitive instruments in terms of accuracy, speed, and simplicity: Computerized Color Response™ (CCR) The versatile 408 accommodates multiple status responses. Model 408G can take measurements using ANSI-Status T response, which is compatible with the GCA T reference (T-Ref) standard. You can also select the traditional X-Rite graphic arts response, Status G. Model 408E features European Status E and Status I (displayed as N) responses. QuickCal™ One-Step Calibration

The 408’s Quick-Cal feature makes calibration fast and easy. You simply select the “Q-Cal” mode on the instrument, then measure the white patch on the supplied calibration target card. You can also get complete agreement with other densitometers using the three-color response calibration.

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