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X-Rite 404 Color Reflection Densitometer – 020822110935

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Densitometer Description

The X-Rite 404 Color Reflection Densitometer is designed to meet the quality control needs of today’s pressroom and graphic arts technicians. This completely portable instrument features different measurement modes for quickly measuring ink density and density difference. Measurements are taken with simple hand-held operation, and measurement data is clearly read on the interactive display. The three control buttons make operation easy.

The X-Rite 404 features several state-of-the-art technologies that place the instrument a step above competitive instruments in terms of accuracy, speed, and simplicity:

Computerized Color Response™ (CCR)
The versatile 404 accommodates multiple status responses. Model 404G can take measurements using ANSI-Status T response, which is compatible with the GCA T-reference (T-Ref) standard. You can also select the traditional X-Rite graphic arts response, Status G. Model 404E features European Status E and Status I (displayed as N) responses. Model 404A features Status A response used for Photo Finishing applications.

QuickCal™ One-Step Calibration
The 404’s Quick-Cal feature makes calibration fast and easy. You simply select the “Q-Cal” mode on the instrument, then measure the white patch on the supplied calibration target card. You can also get complete agreement with other densitometers using the three-color response calibration.

Automatic On/Shut-Off
To increase battery life, the 404 automatically turns itself off if it has not used within 45 seconds; and it automatically turns back whenever a key is pressed or measurement taken. Tests have shown that over 4,500 readings can be taken on one charge of new batteries.

Nonvolatile Memory
A lithium battery stores calibration data and measured values when the densitometer’s primary rechargeable batteries are depleted or removed.

Automatic Color Selection
Equipped with Auto Color Select, the 404 eliminates manual rotation of a filter wheel and related erroneous measurements. All colors are measured simultaneously, then the correct reading is displayed in less than one second.

Additional Features
Large LCD display clearly identifies measurement data.
Three large buttons place all function controls at operator’s fingertips.
Small 1.7mm aperture (GS or ES model) for reading reducedsize color bar patches.
AC adapter is provided to allow readings while batteries are being recharged.
Replaceable opticsallow you to switch between “A”, “G”, and “E“ response.
Two-way RS-232 interfaceoperates at 1200 baud, or one of several other baud rates.

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