Wexler ATS-CE 340 Automatic Banding Machine – 111220010720

The ATS CE Series provides regulated heat seal banding to ensure maximum reliability, allowing temperature to remain constant for proper sealing of material in multi-shift operations. The new ‘CE’ Control Board (‘CE’ Certified including EMC-approval) includes four new programs for running paper and four new programs for running poly film that can each be individually stored. With two models and a variety of options available, these machines can handle light and flexible products under high tension due to the “cooling-time” feature.

S/N: 1031-B

Banding Machine Features

Temperature control with display
Manual, foot, or semi-automatic controls
Wide tension control
Quick and easy material and roll changes
Easy maintenance (the hinged cover allows effortless access into the machine)
Control for Tape Lift
Delayed feeding adjustment
Easily adjustable product guides

Banding Machine Specifications

Product Width: 1”-13”
Product Height: up to 6”
Speed/Cycles: 22-26 cycles/min.
Performance: Up to 26 bandings per minute
Band width: 30mm
Voltage 115 V/50 Hz, 115 V/60 Hz
Electrical Power: ca. 0.2 kW
Weight: 25 kg

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