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Web Techniques Label Counting System – 072921025150

Model: WT-25LCI

S/N: 25LSo25137


  • Infinitely variable motor speed control system will automatically “over speed” the motor, rewinding smaller diameter cores twice as fast as the WT-25 Rewind System family
  • Pedestal mounted high visibility, backlit touch screen control dual preset: set one point for deceleration and a second point for final stop counts in both english or metric units at the touch of a button
  • Wind labels in or out
  • Stainless steel rewind surface
  • Constant speed control allows system to automatically maintain desired web speed
  • Missing label detection
  • Unremoved matrix detection
  • Choice of coreholder styles lift-off cam-lock (mechanical) lift-off air inflatable (great choice for quickly switching between coreholder sizes) flange mounted air inflatable
  • Choice of coreholder sizes coreholders range in size from coreless to 0.4” through 6” (25mm through 120mm), please do not hesitate to contact us with any special requests
  • Choice of counting systems our systems are compatible with almost any counting system available, please do not hesitate to contact us with any special request


  • Web Width (MAX): 13”
  • Unwind Roll (MAX): 24”
  • Rewind Roll (MAX): 24”
  • Roll Weight (MAX): 250+ lbs.
  • Rewind Speed (MAX): 1,200 ft/min
  • Tension Brake: Standard/Pneumatic Brake is Optional
  • AC Motor: 1HP
  • Rewind Torque (MAX): 250+ in lbs.
  • Decel & Stop: Standard/Included
  • Winding: CW & CCW
  • Rewind Stop Type: Deceleration/Friction
  • Count Methods: Length & Label
  • Electrical: 120VAC Standard/ 220VAC Optional
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