Vacuumatic Combined Universal Tab Inserter (CUTI 2) – 032824000441A

This is a simple tab inserter with a combined keypad for entering a variable batch size with a fixed cut delay. The count is supplied from a sensor or electrical pulse from the machines existing counter.

Tab inserters have a variety of uses for in the printing industry for instance:

  • Batch marking
  • Tabbing
  • Tab insertion
  • Inserting
  • Batching
  • Ream counting
  • Creating sets
  • On line counting and batching

CUTI 2: Now with icon based touch pad and -1 count facility to allow for check sheet removal on the run.

The Combined Universal Tab Inserter is Vacuumatic’s compact tab inserter system, enabling accurate tabbing and batching of sheeted piles with the minimum requirements of space and investment cost Usually pedestal mounted, the unit can be interfaced directly to most printing presses, or triggered via a laser sensor attachment. The CUTI 2 is often supplied to commercial printers looking for greater accuracy in batching their printed products. This can result in minimisation of waste sheets and improved productivity in subsequent finishing processes.


  • Maximum count speed: 25,000 sheets per hour
  • Tab insertion: 6 – 9,999 sheets
  • Tape cut delay: 2 – 5 sheets
  • Standard chute lengths: 150/300/450/600 mm approx. 6”/12”/18”/24”
  • Electrical specification: 230v/50Hz or 115v/60Hz
  • Airborne noise emission: up to 76dB(A)

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