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United Shoe Machinery Corp. Eyeletting Machine Model F – 060123226007A

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This eyelet / grommet machine is principally used in industrial trades rather than shoe manufacturing but there are applications in the shoe industry such as teh setting of ventilation eyelets in tennis and basketball shoes for which it is especially adaptable. Its sturdy, versatile design permits setting several eyelets simultaneously. Its horn type of construction provides means for eyeletting at points not accessible on many other types of machines.

It will set all sizes of eyelets, grommets and washers up to the No. 5 Grommet. Strong, heavy and simple in design it exerts a setting pressure of 4,800 pounds.

The machine can be equipped to punch holes as well as set the ventilating eyelets in tennis and basketball shoes. In most other cases, the holes must be punched prior to the eyeletting operation. Manual spacing is necessary. The macine automatically feeds the eyelets. If washers are used they must be hand fed.

  • Setting range: 1/8″ eyelet up to #6 grommet
  • Single revolution for pre-punched holes
  • Double revolution version will first punch a hole, then set the grommet
  • Interchangeable raceway kits are available enabling you to set different size grommets in a matter of minutes with minor adjustments
  • Multiple eyelet feed capability
  • over 2.5 tons of cutting & setting pressure
  • Can be used as a hole punch machine only
  • can set very large grommets as a hand feed unit
  • 20″ x 34″ x 36″
  • 9.75″ throat depth
  • Weight 476 lbs


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