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Unicoil PC200 2-Sided Plastic Spiral Automatic Crimper – 011322084820

Model: PC200

S/N: 2707

Automatic Crimper Features

Increases Productivity Greatly increases productivity in the plastic spiral finishing process by utilizing exclusive two-sided automatic “perfect crimp” modules.
Powered Crimper/Cutter Electrically cuts and crimps both ends of a UniCoil-bound document in a single stroke, with foot-pedal operation.
Easy to Use Simple sizing adjustment dial. No special training or personnel required.
Reliable Produces identical results every time.
UniCoil Capacity Finishes all standard-capacity plastic spiral from 6mm to 20mm.
Document Capacity Finishes all document binding lengths from 3.75″ to 12″.
Pitch Capacity Accommodates all UniCoil pitch sizes.
Large Working Surface Adjustable tray surface for accurate two-handed document placement.
Simple Installation Small-footprint tabletop unit allows easy machine placement wherever it’s needed.

Automatic Crimper Description

James Burn International’s exclusive UniCoil Two-Sided Automatic Crimper greatly increases productivity in higher-volume plastic spiral finishing environments by cutting and crimping both ends of UniCoil-bound documents at the same time. This dual cut/crimp process vastly improves the typical productivity over other single head units which require the operator to duplicate the actions for each end of the document. The PC200 utilizes two “perfect crimp” modules that easily adjust to various plastic spiral sizes with the turn of a dial.

Automatic Crimper Specifications

Book Specifications 3.75″ to 12″ (Coil 6mm to 20mm)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 4.75″ x 16″ x 8″
Voltage 110V 60 Hz
Weight (Shipping) 17 lbs. (20 lbs.)

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