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Unibind UniBinder 8.2 Thermal Binding Machine – 011420040705

Unibind UniBinder 8.2 Thermal Binding Machine

Thermal Binding Machine Description

The UniBinder 8.2 by Unibind is an automatic and versatile thermal bookbinding machine. This model can bind up to 8 documents simultaneously, or documents up to 340 pages, permanently binding documents in less than two minutes.

Unibind Instructions:
The binding process is very simple. First, choose your desired binding cover: you can bind hard covers, soft covers, crystal flex covers, or spines. Next, place your pages inside your desired Unibind cover or spine. With the machine turned on, place the document spine side down on the Unibind 8.2 heating element. The system will automatically detect the document’s steel spine and the process will begin immediately, which will also be visual with a red indicator light. When the indicator light turns green, place the bound document in the crimping element (if desired). Hold the document in place while the UniBinder automatically crimps the document’s steel spine. Finally, move the document to the third channel for the cooling process which allows the resin to properly set. After 90 seconds of cooling, your document is permanently bound.

A super-strong, permanent bind every time
Binds up to 8 documents simultaneously
Binds books up to 340 pages
Built-in electric crimper
Documents editable after binding