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Triumph Ideal 5221 Hydraulic Paper Cutter – 031120012940

Triumph Ideal 5221 Hydraulic Paper Cutter

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Paper Cutter Description

The Triumph 5221 fully automatic paper cutter features an LED digital display that allows indication accuracy to .01″ for power back gauge positioning. A safe and simple electro-mechanical drive for blade, clamp and back gauge make this cutter ideal for quick print and franchise print shops. The 5221 delivers increased speed, capacity, ease of operation and safety. The automatic clamping mechanism operates faster with push-button ease, and advanced safety features exceed current requirements, ensuring years of safe, trouble-free use.

Paper Cutter Features

Safety guards on front and rear tables.
10-button keypad to preset measurements easily.
LED digital display allows indication positioning.
Power back gauge.
Optical cutting line for easy sight trimming.
Knife and clamp are actuated by push-button controls.
Electronic hand wheel allows fine adjustment of back gauge, with infinitely variable speed.
Side tables included. Motor protection switch standard.
Clamp can be used independently from the blade.

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