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Triumph 4350 Fully Automatic Paper Cutter – 032323177001A

Precision is guaranteed with the automatic Triumph 4350 paper cutter with digital display. Both the knife and the clamp of this Ideal cutter are electronically controlled. Unlike the manual or semi-automatic cutters, the Triumph 4350 does not require you to pull a lever. Pushing the buttons located on the front of this paper cutter executes both the clamping drive to securely hold your paper stack and the cutting function. By using the spindle handle on the front of the cutter, you are free to easily reposition the back gauge to its appropriate position. The Ideal Triumph paper cutter features digital display measurements, ensuring precise back gauge position, a side guide with an alternate measuring scale, and an enhanced LED optical cutting line. These features all ensure that you make the best cut every time. The Triumph 4350 also comes supplied with German produced Solingen blades, blade carrier, and adjustable blade guides. This all-metal constructed Triumph 4350 paper cutter is able to cut paper stacks up to 1-1/2 inches. The cutter may be used as either a table cutter or on the optional stand or cabinet. “SCS” safety features come standard, the electronic controls guaranteeing your cutting jobs are securely performed. The blade changing device covers the edge of the blade for safe handling and changing.


  • Automatic paper cutter with electric blade and clamp drive
  • Triumph 4350 offers digital display for precise back gauge positioning
  • Bright, LED optical cutting line provides the user with a guaranteed, accurate cut every time
  • Automatic clamp
  • Precision side guide
  • Spindle-guided back gauge with calibrated crank
  • Soligen steel blade
  • German made Solid steel blade carrier and adjustable blade guides
  • All-metal construction
  • This MBM cutter comes with optional stand or cabinet (shown in picture)
  • “SCS,” UL and C UL approved
Manufacturer Name MBM
Max Cutting Width 16 7/8”
Cutting Height 1 1/2”
Cutting Mode Automatic/Electric
Cutting Length Behind Blade 17″
Cutting Length in Front of Blade 9”
Clamp Type Automatic
Horsepower 3/5
Optical Cutting Line Yes
Blade Construction Solingen steel
Back Gauge Adjustment Manual
Safety Mechanism Safety shields; disc brake
Readout Digital
Model # 4350
Weight 191 lbs.
Height 14 1/8”
Width 25 1/4”
Depth 34 1/4”
Voltage 115 Volts; other voltages available

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