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TOTALIFT TL-48 Battery Charger – 052522000223A

The TOTALIFT TL-series charger can be used with batteries of any type, voltage and capacity, at almost any temperature. The output voltage and current normally follow a programmed charge curve, however, it’s possible to also use the unit as a stabilized power supply with manually adjustable current limits. This feature is useful to recover sulfated batteries.

Model: TL 48/120

S/N: 135003


  • Fully automatic and fully digital
  • Exclusive MTL2 digital technology
  • Auto start/stop
  • Fully programmable microprocessor controlled charger with digital display
  • Auto & manual equalize options
  • Start delay
  • Anti-scratch surface
  • 10ft standard cables
  • Programmable gassing voltages
  • Elapsed time and elapsed time memory
  • Push button memory readout
  • Adaptive algorithm for charge time calculations
  • Charger can be used with different battery capacities, depending on time available for charge, without the need for any adjustments by user
  • Independent safety button for emergency shutdown
  • Selectable de-sulfating cycle
  • Self adjusts to 50/60 cycle toUS, Canada&International specs
  • Automatic maintenance/refresh system for long time battery storage
  • Automatic data saving in case of blackout & auto start from point of interruption automatic saving of charger parameters
  • Digital indication of voltage, capacity return, time of charge, and cool down time
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