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Tobias RCP Densitometer


Tobias RCP Densitometer

Densitometer Description

This battery-operated, portable densitometer features all the accuracy and stability of the most advanced bench top units… yet designed to be even more rugged. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and light enough to carry in your pocket, it is a truly personal densitometer that is easy to use when and where you need it most. Use it in the pressroom, camera room, art studio, laboratory or at client meetings… anywhere precise color density should be measured.

The affordable RCP Color Reflection Densitometer has every feature needed for both pressroom and camera room use. It is rugged enough for the toughest workplace environments and as accurate as the finest bench-top units. Thanks to advanced technology microelectronics, the size and weight of the unit have been dramatically reduced. Depend on the RCP to measure all flat colors as well as black & white.

One-Hand Operation. No switches to turn on; no buttons to push. Power-on is automatic. Just position the target over your sample, select filter and press down the RCP housing to read density. To conserve battery power, the lamp shuts off after 2 seconds; the display remains on as long as RCP is held down on sample.

Rugged, Compact Design. Electronic circuitry and optical system are mounted on a firm, metal baseplate and protected by an unbreakable plastic cover. High strength, low mass design (a mere 14 oz.) that is built for years of tough pressroom use.

Long Battery Life. Thousands of measurement cycles on one 9V alkaline battery. A “LO BAT” signal on the display gives you plenty of warning when it needs replacement. An optional rechargeable NiCad battery and charger kit are also available.

Fast Filter Selection. Select the correct filter for the desired color with a simple turn of the knob. Filters are protected from direct source light and dust for long life and minimum fading.

Zero To Paper with Ease. A single thumbwheel FINE ZERO adjustment allows you to quickly offset zero to your paper base or adjust it to the calibration standard supplied with the RCP. The ZERO and CALIBRATE controls allow for periodic adjustment as well as to force conformity to another densitometer, if desired.

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