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2015 Therm-O-Type Zip-CSCL Mark IV Pro Cutter / Slitter / Creaser w/ Zip Air Feeder – 021323144001A

Digital finishing equipment is all about throughput speed, accuracy, ease of operation, flexibility and reliability. The Zip-CSCL Pro is a high speed, heavy duty cutter/ slitter/creaser featuring proven reliability and outstanding crosscutting and slitting accuracy. Running multiple up business cards, the Zip-CSCL Pro is significantly faster than competitive models. Equipped with the “T1 Multi-Tool” option, the Zip-CSCL Pro can combine up to two programmable tooling functions, as well as guillotine cutting, and in-line slitting, scoring, perforating and/or semi-slitting in a single pass. With the Zip-CSCL Pro, customers can produce all the basic, square cornered simple format products produced on competitive digital finishing models, plus a wide range of high value products that would be impossible to produce with any competitive machine. The ability to apply up and/or down cross creases is an especially important feature. Up and down creasing is critical when producing perfect bound book covers, “Z” and accordion fold products. Full or partial cross perforations (with almost any teeth per inch configuration), T, L and perimeter perforated cards, hole punching, and die cut corner slots can also be applied with the Zip-CSCL Pro. A delivery conveyor insures non-stop product collection. An extended delivery conveyor is available as an option, as well as a batch/delivery control system.

Zip Air Feeder S/N: 1509


  • Windows touch screen computer control
  • Store and retrieve up to 500 programs
  • Run up to 18 pt. thick stock
  • 14.5” x 20” max. paper size (26” long optional)
  • “Offset” style suction feeder with double sheet sensor
  • 13.5” feeder capacity
  • Full length alignment table with micro side registration and skew adjustment
  • 1” min. product width x 1.7” min. product length
  • Waste eject gate
  • Guillotine cutter
  • Cross perforating
  • Cross creasing (up and/or down creasing in one pass)
  • Hole punching (round, square, oval, etc.)
  • Die cut corner slots
  • Strike perforating
  • Strike slitting
  • In-line slitting, scoring, perforating and semi-slitting
  • Delivery conveyor
  • Batch/surge delivery control


  • Feeder Type: Offset Press
  • Feeder Capacity: 13.5”
  • Stored Program Capacity: 500
  • Control Display: 10.2” 800 x 480 color
  • Machine Control: Windows
  • Speed (25-up business cards): Up to 27.3 spm
  • Maximum Paper Thickness: Up to 18 pt.
  • Delivery (standard): Conveyor
  • Full Length Alignment Table: Yes
  • Up and Down Cross Creasing: Yes
  • Crease Depth Adjustment: Infinite
  • Crease Rule Profile(s) Available: 3
  • Crease Matrix Profile(s) Available: Multiple
  • Maximum Number of “Strike” Perforations: 12
  • Maximum Number of Rotary Perforations: 6
  • Maximum Number of Slits: 22
  • Hole Punching: Yes
  • Die Cut Corner Slots: Yes
  • Minimum Finished Piece Size: 1” x 1.7”
  • Cross Perforation Tooling: Unlimited
  • Run 20 and/or 25-up Bleed Business Card Format: Yes
  • Partial Cross Cut: Yes
  • “Strike” slit: Yes
  • Waste Eject Gate: Yes
  • Batch/Surge Delivery: Optional

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