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Theisen & Bonitz TB Sprint 310 VP Flat Sheet Collator – 071522000395A

Model: TB Sprint 310 VP

S/N: 810 VP 2801


  • Stations: 10
  • Max. Signature Size: 350 X 500 Mm
  • Collating Speed: 3.300 Cycles/H
  • Stations With Variable Pile Height Up To 30 Cm, Max.Format: 35 X 50 Cm, Min. Format: 6,5 X 10cm, Paper Weight Up To 1000g/M2, Speed Up To 3.300 Cycles/H.
  • Standard Equipment With:
    Feeders And Blowers, Independently Adjustable Adjustment For The Volume And The Direction Of The Air Flow
  • Photocell For Detecting Any Missing Sheet Electromechanical Double-Sheet, Detector For Adjustable And Motorized
  • Transport Table For The Cross-Transport
  • Misfeed Control On The Transport Flow
  • Illuminated Transport Table Possibility Of Manual Feeding (Station On The Right-Hand Side) – Extra Of The 10 Automatic Stations
  • Jogger At Delivery, With Switcher
  • Total And Pre-Set Counter Digital Display For Speed
  • Electrical Connection For 304QSM
  • Pneumatic Connection 304QSM
  • Noise-Reduction Accessories

Folder, Stitcher And Trimmer 2 X Horner Universal 48/5 S Stitching Heads
Formats/Cm: Max. Opening: 35 X 50 Cm, Min. : 6,5 X 11,5, With Cutting Top To Bottom: 11,1 X 15,5 Cm
Small Booklets: 6,5 Cm, At The Spine: 4 Cm Cutting Top To The Bottom: 10,5 Cm, At The Spine X 4 Cm
Speed: Up To 3100 Cycles/H, Dependent On The Format And Paper Type
Version QSM (Quick Set Motor)
Rollers For Transport With Belt On The Upper Side
Vacuum Belt
Motorised Adjustment Of The Format
Fine Tuning Possible By Two Wheels, Manually-Adjusted, Separate For The Top And Bottom
Digitally Readings Of The Measurements (Precision: +/- 0,1 Mm)
Motorised Alignment With The Collator
2 Small Stitching Heads For Stitching Up To 55 Mm
Hohner Universal Complete Stitching Heads With Wire Feeding And Riveting Unit Automatic Adjustment Of The Stitching Upon The Thickness Of The Product Block Stitching Up To The Maximal Format Cross Adjustment Of The Stitching Clamps Vis-À-Vis Of The Folder
Folding Knife With Automatic Adjustment Of The Height
Clamp Force Up To 120 Pages, 80 G/M2 Paper Weight
Simple Passing At The Block Stitching
Three-Knives Cutting (Trimming):
Frontal Cutting System With Superior And Inferior Knives, For Up To 120 Paper Sheets, 80 G/M2
Blower For Cutting At 4 Cm, Continuous Motorised Adjustment Of The Frontal Cuttings, Manual Fine-Tuning, Cutting Top To The Bottom 3-20 Mm For 80 Paper Sheets Of 80 G/M2
Superior And Inferior Knife
Box For Waste Removal.
Cascade Delivery With Electrical Transport Of The Products
Direct Adjustment
Adjustable Guiding For Brochures And Stitched-Blocks