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The Phoenix 2700 DHP Laminator – 110220010740

The Phoenix 2700-DHP is the perfect choice for production environments looking for an economical, easy-to-use unit that can withstand heavy demand. Designed to offer maximum flexibility, the 2700-DHP is compatible with either 1″ or 214” core laminating films in thicknesses of 1.5 mil to 10.0 mil and can be gapped incrementally at settings of 116“, 18“, 316“, and 14” to accomplish mounting on a large variety of substrates.

With safety and energy savings concerns in mind, the Phoenix 2700-DHP includes the latest innovations. Safety features include: an advanced safety shield, a safety feed table, and a standby mode. To conserve energy, the machine will drop into a sleep mode (175° F) if unit has been idle for 3 hours. If there is no activity on the unit for 4 hours, the heaters turn off. With all these features wrapped into one compact, desktop-sized packaged, the 2700-DHP will boost productivity and decrease production time!


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