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The Educator Thermal Roll Laminator – 080222000482A

The Ledco Educator 25 inch Roll Laminator was designed after asking teachers and media specialists what they wanted to see in a laminator. So that’s what Ledco designed into the Educator. Ledco started with the Graphic III and Premier III machines that so many schools have learned to know and trust over the years for their laminating quality and trouble-free operation. Then Ledco simplified the controls and created an improved film path to eliminate many of the operator errors common to thermal laminators. Posters, dry erase charts, flash cards, bulletin board graphics, games, visuals and teaching aids of all kinds represent a tremendous investment, whether they were purchased, or made by teachers. Protecting and enhancing these educational materials with lamination allows them to last for years instead of being replaced every few weeks or months.

S/N: ED-25-13388


  • Preset Lamination Pressure and Speed – makes the machine easier to use and eliminates many possible sources of problems.
  • Enclosed Laminating and Pull Rollers – helps you avoid time consuming jams and wrap-arounds.
  • Forced Air Cooling – allows laminating with 3 and 5 mil films as well as the 1.5mil film often used by schools.
  • Fixed-Position Lamination Rollers – provides a stable platform for uniform roll pressure for the highest quality lamination available in a school laminator
  • Attached Safety Shield
  • Reverse Switch – For clearing misfeeds.
  • Laminates up to 5 mil
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