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The Bunn Package Tying Machine – 090121032346

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The Bunn Tying Machine is a simple and reliable machine for securing a wide range of products. Available from 10″ to 30″ machines. All machines run on 120 VAC allowing you to use this machine anywhere in your facility.

  • New style guarding, easier access for service work.
  • Electrical disconnect prohibits use of the machine without guarding.
  • New high strength, quality frames.
  • Choice of wraps, front tables and twines or polytapes.
  • The Bunn knotter lock gives traditional long service capability.
  • Patented dual tension string holder.
  • Double headed draw slide, roller twine arms for interchangeability of twines and polytapes.
  • Superior tension control for tightest possible tie.

The all new Bunn Tyer has improved strength, quality and longevity, and utilizes the latest manufacturing technology while using the same concept as the original Bunn tying machines.


  • Net Weight (lbs): 235
  • Power Requirements: 110/115 V, 60 Cycles (Hz), Single Phase, 1/4 hp, 1725 rpm, Optional 220/230 V
  • Tying Depth of Throat (in): 8
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