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TEC Lighting XtraCoat 29 – 29″ UV Coater w/ Pile Feeder – 040324397008A

UV Coater Descirption

The Tec Lighting XtraCoat Offline UV Coating system offers the ideal combination of performance and affordability. The XtraCoat lineup was designed with your needs and desires as a main priority. The XtraCoat Offline UV Coater will give you the ability to Gloss and Satin coat almost any printed sheet with ease. The system is offered in many configurations to fit your requirements, sizes range from 18” to 30” with a modular design to allow for added components such as an automatic feeder for increased production in the future. Let us show you the increase in capabilities and profit that you can achieve with the addition of the Tec Lighting XtraCoat Offline UV Coating system.


  • Model: XCF29-1-3A
  • 29″ Inches
  • Sheet Size: 24″ x 29″
  • Flood UV Coater
  • Max. Speed Per Hour: 3,300
  • With Automatic Feeder
  • Wattage per inch: 200
  • Wattage KW: 5,800
  • Total Amperage: 55
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