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Suspension Strate Flo Envelope Feeder w/ Conveyor – 011221101400

S/N: 4399

Envelope Feeder Description

Designed for Ryobi, Hamada, AB Dick, Multigraphics, Chief 15, Iteks, Tokos and others.
Continuously feeds envelopes. No need to stop and reload the press paper tray every few hundred envelopes.
Installs quickly with no electrical or mechanical connections to the press
Timing and speed automatically matches the machine
No tools needed for set-up or changeover to other stock sizes
Micro Lateral Adjustment
Designed for run lengths 1000 & above
Feeds most envelopes from 3 5/8 x 3 7/8 up to 10 x 13 C7 to B4 international.
Virtually maintenance free

Width – 15.5″
Length – 47″ min 60″ Max
Height – 36″ min 43″ Max
Weight 137lbs
Width – 12″

Length – 60″
Height – 19″ min 27″max.
Weight -48 LBS
110 Volt