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Sunraise HP12 Thermographer – 020223000861A

The Sunraise HP Series is the preferred choice for customers looking for high production capability and energy efficient, cost productive operation.  The HP Series represent our entry-level thermographers but they boast features you won’t find on some of our competitors top-of-the-line models. All HP Series models feature our triple section, state-of-the-art ceramic fiber heaters with Heat Zone Control. This allows the operator to shutdown the outside heaters when running smaller jobs such as 4-up cards or social announcements, reducing wattage by up to 44%. To further save energy and maintain the ambient temperature outside the heat tunnels are insulated utilizing the same high-tech insulation used by NASA on its spacecraft. A microprocessor based digital temperature controller keeps the accuracy of the set temperature with in 1/2%. The powdering section of the HP Series is the cleanest running in the business. The vacuum head easily adjusts in seconds to accommodate various stock thickness while airflow controlling devices minimize powder contamination on conveyor sections after powder application. To maximize operator convenience the double action in-feed section makes feeding from any press hassle free. Powder trays are easily removed for quick changeover to specialty powders and the cooling section is easily adapted to accommodate a UV light unit. The ease of use and rock solid durability that Sunraise is known for will assure you years of dependable service from these models.

Model: HP-12
S/N: 12223

208 OR 220V/Single Phase
60 Amps or 3 Phase 45 Amps
60 cycle
Europe: 380V 3 Phase 50Hz
25 Amp
(Can be modified to accommodate all international standards)


Length: 13.5ft 4.11m
Height: 55in 1.4m
Width: 35in 89m

10,200 watts
using both zones
or 5,400 watts
for a single zone.
11×17 279.4mm x 431.8mm
1,000 lbs 452kg
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