Sulby Auto-Minabinda MK III Perfect Binder – 062624426007A

S/N: D11955

Perfect Binder Specifications

For making perfect bound books such as novels, text books, magazines, manuals, reports and any other form of paperback cover books, periodicals or booklets, for unsewn binding and covering, fitted with black slotting cutters as standard, Hot Melt gule unit incorporating immersion thermostat, applicator and reverse spinner glue rollers and a tank which can be swiveled to allow extra beds of glue to be applied on corners to strengthen the hinge.


  • Production speed up to 600 books/h
  • Max. book size : 432x285x45 mm
  • Min. book size : 50x50x3 mm
  • Net weight : 705 kg
  • Electrical consumption : 3 kw (with milling) or 5 kw (without milling)
  • Machine’s dimensions : 254×720 cm,

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