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Straub Tape Application System T646Wi – 040722000054A

Model: T646WH (S/N: 1310)

Model: T646Wi (S/N: 1085) 

*Connect to compressed air supply: 200 PSI max. to 60 PSI min. (Adjust Pressure Regulator to 60 PSI)*

The T-646 Application System is built for the print industry. It semi-automatically applies both strips and/or spots of many adhesive transfer and double-coated tapes to flat surfaces. The T-646 comes in two different applications, the T-646I application system produces up to 18″ wide strips. The T-646WI Application System produces larger strips up to 30″ wide. Features of both application systems including the following:


  • Product conveying speed up to 150ft/min.
  • Accommodates product up to 1 ¼” thick
  • Accommodates ½” to 1″ wide tape – 2″ optional
  • Two applicators standard – will accommodate up to four applicators
  • Individual tape programming
  • Touch screen operator interface
  • Displays characters in English, French or Spanish
  • Displays numbers in inches or millimeters
  • Product batch count
  • Optional catch tray for taped product
  • 115v/230v, 50/60Hz power input capability
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