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Stralfors Lasermax 132 Accumulator – 110819103653

Stralfors Lasermax 132 Accumulator

S/N 20001320088

Accumulator Description

The Accumulator Box 132 is placed between a high-speed laser printer and the Jobseparator 122 CD or Cutter 162 CD. The accumulator box serves as a buffer and can store up to 400 pages of format 8″. The accumulator box enables the laser printer to continue running while the Jobseparator or the Cutter is feeding out work.

The Accumulator Box 132 is a part of Lasermax, a pre-handling and post-handling system for use with a high-speed laser printer.

-208 V, 60 Hz, 1A, 120 W

-Lasermax Accumulator acts as a buffer to other post-processing devices. As a cutter or job separator pauses to deliver stacked output to the conveyor, the accumulator continues to accept output from the printer. Once the job delivery is complete, the cutter or job separator will temporarily run faster than the printer to catch-up before returning to normal operating speed, improving the efficiency of the printer.

Benefits of the Accumulator:
-Uninterrupted processing
-Page counting to keep synchronization with the printer, cutter or job separator
-Allows for small footprints
-Low maintenance costs

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