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Sterling Coilmaster III In-line Plastic Coil Binding Machine – 033023160002A

S/N: 3200 15 141

Coil Binding Machine Description

The Sterling® Coilmaster III® is a complete, In-line Plastic Coil Binding Machine. Plastic filament is fed into the Coilmaker from a spool. It forms plastic coil on a mandrel within the Coilmaker. The formed coils are automatically fed into the Coilmaster®, which spins the coil into the book from the first hole onwards. The coil is then cut and crimped automatically. One operator can create coil and bind books at speeds up to 700 books per hour at the same time.

The Sterling® Coilmaster III® is a heavy-duty automatic plastic coil binder designed for high production. This machine binds books from .31” (8 mm) in diameter to 1.25” (32 mm) in diameter and up to 1.96” (50 mm) in diameter with the optional thick book attachment. Spiral bind books as small as 4” x 4” (10.16 cm x 10.16 cm) up to calendars 17″ long. The machine can also be modified to handle larger books such as art pads.

The Coilmaster® III inserter is the only coil binding machine with a patented spreading device that allows for binding books with head and foot margins of up to 3/16” (4.7mm). It is possible to choose the size of your margin. No matter what size the book is, the Coilmaster III® plastic coil binding machine will allow you to center the hole pattern on the sheet. This is especially important on odd sized books.

Advantages at a Glance
Only patented plastic coil former/inserter in North America
Form and insert plastic coil at speeds up to 700 BPH. Save over 60% on coil cost
Plastic coil bind books with round or oval holes
Bind books with any pitch
Inserts plastic coil from the first hole onwards
Cuts and crimps automatically