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Standard Hunkeler VEA 520 Tipping Machine – 102721011740

Type: VEA 520 3000 (S/N: 529277)

Model: KB 20 (S/N: 277814MB)

Tipping Machine Description

The Standard Hunkeler VEA 520 is an automatic tipping machine for inside and outside gluing applications, including greeting cards, postcards, and photo mounts. The VEA 520 delivers unwavering reliability, accuracy, and versatility with product speeds up to 8,400 per hour. With its quick set-up, simple operation, and non-stop productivity the VEA 520 is ideally suited for the most challenging of production environments.

Tipping Machine Specifications

Outside Gluing (Minimum Size) 3.93″ x 2.76″
Outside Gluing (Maximum Size) 20.47″ x 12.2″
Inside Gluing (Maximum Size – no minimum specified) 12.59″ x 10.23″
Offset Gluing (for outside gluing only) Maximum 1.96″ from the fold
Maximum mechanical speed 8400 strokes per minute

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