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Standard Horizon PSX-56 Package Delivery w/ Sheet Press – 112921084550

Model: PSX-56

S/N: 302005

Horizon PSX-56 package delivery
– capacity: max. 900 parcels/h
– inlet hight: 440-1.000mm
– stacking hight: max.200mm
– press pressure: 2×1.200kg
– size: max. 546x330mm min. 128x92mm
– weight: 645kg
– dimensions (LxBxH): 1.940×2.280×1.080mm
– power: 230V, 4,5A, 0,6kW

The new Standard Horizon PSX-56 Stacker for in-line operation with Standard Horizon AF Series Folders, provides high-speed, non-stop production for 1, 2, and 3-up stacked output. Two large-diameter, high-pressure pressing rollers provide 1.2 tons of pressure on the PSX-56 for tight, crisp folds. It also features an intuitive, icon-based color touchscreen, for simple set-ups. The folder offers superior stack quality, auto reject for misaligned folds which eliminates jams in the stacker, and test feed mode for setup

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