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Stahl SBP-46 Horizontal Stack Delivery – 060520121350

Stahl SBP-46 Horizontal Stack Delivery

S/N 64055-227504

Delivery Description

The horizontal stack delivery SBP 46 allows you to deliver folded and bound products of larger runs efficiently. Even multiple-ups and delicate papers can be processed with ease. The integrated pressing unit increases the folding quality and the height adjustable infeed makes the delivery combinable with all Stahlfolder folding machines. The most important machine functions can be controlled directly on the integrated control panel. This allows the operation of the entire machine with one person and increases your profitability.

Delivery Specifications

Max Sheet Size: 46 x 30
Min Sheet Size: 12 x 10
Max Product Thickness: 4
Max Pile Length: 80
Pressing Force (N): 8,000
No. of Ups: Standard 1 Max 2

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