Sta-Warm Cerro Melter 8ZIT – 051123000088A

Type: 8ZIT
S/N: E3-350 F


  • Melting
  • Maintaining
  • Dispensing Cerro® alloys


  • Custom built to size and shape with steel or stainless steel
  • Digital or analog temperature control to closely monitor tank temperature
  • Dished bottom for full drain of contents
  • Steel unheated valve standard. Heated valve available
  • Standard sizes 1 quart to 30 gallon capacity


For melting, dispensing and reclaiming CERROBASE, CERROBEND, CERROLOW, CERROMATRIX, CERRO-SAFE, CERROTRU  alloys as used in anchoring bearings, bushings, stationary parts in machinery, punches and dies, chucking or holding parts during machining, grinding and treating operations, bending thin walled tubing, moldings and extruded shapes.

Heating Element

The unique Sta-Warm “Even Heat” multiple circuit, blanket-type element is uniformly applied to the entire bottom and sidewall area of the inner tank. Heat is uniformly distributed at a minimum watt density. This eliminates “hot spots” and danger of overheating.


Available voltages are 120, 208, 240, 480 and 550, single or three phase, 50 or 60 cycles.


Some of the Cerro Alloys in the molten state cannot be in contact with air, and either water or inert oil is floated on top of the metal to prevent oxidation and dross. When oil is used the inner tanks are made of mild steel. If water is used, then the inner tanks are fabricated of type 304 stainless steel. A dished bottom is furnished on all tanks. The housings are of heavy gauge electrically welded mild steel. A loose one-piece cover is furnished of the same material as the inner tank—all with lift handles. Glass blanket or expanded mica is used as thermal insulation to reduce heat loss.

Contactor and control transformers, etc., when required, are mounted in gasketed enclosure. Either three angle iron legs or U-shaped lugs for over head mounting are supplied, depending on user’s operation.


Accurate variable dial thermostats closely control the wall temperature. Each tank and control is operated a minimum of 36 hours continuously during calibration test, insuring the purchaser of the highest quality equipment and lowest maintenance. Temperature range is either 100-300 F or 250-550 F depending on the alloy being used, and the temperature range should always be specified.


The standard outlet supplied is an external 3/8” mild steel valve, unheated, from center of dished bottom. On special order the tanks can be supplied with a plain steel or stainless steel outlet tangent with the
center of dished bottom through sidewall, and equipped with a stainless steel 1” wheel type gate valve or needle dispensing valve.

These valves, which are externally mounted for accessibility are electrically heated and thermostatically controlled. Always specify the pre-set temperature. When the needle dispensing valve is required, also specify diameter of orifice.

Special Rectangular Tank

CV54SS custom built rectangular stainless steel tank. Capacity is 54 gallons with internal dimensions being 26” x 20” x 24” deep. Submerged pump with horsepower drive and controlling float switch permits pumping molten alloy to point of use. Alloy is also reclaimed in this tank.

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