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Sparticans EZ-Kount 750 Sheet Counter – 111719114045

Sparticans EZ-Kount 750 Sheet Counter

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Sheet Counter Description

EZ to learn, EZ to operate, EZ to service, and EZ to own, Spartanics’ EZ-Kount 750 sheet counter counts, batch tabs, acquires and verifies at speeds up to 2500 sheets per minute with 100% accuracy. The EZ-Kount 750 counts flat paper and other materials ranging in thickness from 0.048 mm (0.0019 inch) to 0.254 mm (0.010 inch).

Sheet Counter Features

13 inch stack height
Small material (coupon) adaptor
Four counting blades (for various paper guages)
Computer help screen
RS232 communications port
Parallel printer port
Safety stop control
Remote control with 10 foot (3m) cord
Table choice:
-580 mm x 890 mm (23 “D x 35 “W)
-910 mm x 1170 mm (36 “D x 46 “W)

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