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Southworth Palletpal Roll-On Level Loader – 050823171016D

Model: Roll C2 5-28
S/N: X005964-000-3 4420995

The ROLLC2.5-28(2) Roll-On Level Loader is a great palletizing resource because of its ability to lower to the floor where it can be fed with a hand pallet truck. The operator can decide by means of footswitch or push button control the best height to work at. The extremely narrow side panels make it easy to access loads with very little reachover. All standard units come with internally mounted power unit and photo-eye toe protection for safety. This ROLLC2.5-28(2) has a platform size of 44″ X 48″.


  • The Roll-On™ level loader lowers to floor height so pallets can be rolled on with a hand pallet truck.
  • The operator can adjust the height of the pallet to allow loading or unloading at the most convenient working height with a minimum of lifting.
  • The lift is adjusted by pushbutton or foot control to maintain an ideal height for manual loading and unloading.
  • Narrow side panels virtually eliminate reach-over while providing operator protection.
  • Available with One Touch Auto Leveling:  This allows the operator to program the exact increment of height for loading or unloading. It will also return the platform to its full height (or to a fully lowered position) at the touch of a button.
  • The unit is portable, with a fork truck or hand pallet jack, with a minimum of 72’’ long forks.
  • Photo-eye provides toe protection
  • The platform locks in a partially upright position to allow transfer with a hand truck
  • Pan Style Platform Lowers to Floor Level
  • Photo-Eye Stop Descent When Beam is Interrupted
Capacity: 2,500 lbs
Standard Platform: 44” x 48”
Max. Platform: 44″ x 48″
Raised Height: 28 3/8″
Lowered Height: 3/8″
Max. Platform Size: 44″ x 48″
Voltage: 115/1/60

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