Slautterback KB30 Hot Melt Gluing Unit – 062619034613

Slautterback KB30 Hot Melt Gluing Unit

Gluing Unit Description

The KB30 Series of heavy-duty melt units supplies hot melt adhesive in a wide range of applications. The tank capacity of these melt units is 30, 50 and 100 pounds. A wide range of options affords choice of pump and motor size, thermostat or solid-state temperature controllers, and head firing or gun/hose configuration.

All units operate on single-phase AC power with models available for 230 VAC power sources. These units operate up to five (KB30) automatic or two manual applicators and are supported by a complete range of pattern control accessories. The basic melt unit includes a melt grid and filter block assembly. Pump filter must be ordered separately

Gluing Unit Features

All-electric models operate from 230 VAC power source.
No compressed air required.
1 to 2 hoses – handguns. 1 to 5 (KB30) hoses – automatic applicators.
Temperature control options range from thermostat to microprocessor.
High torque, high rpm motors for low maintenance and long life.
Reliable, smooth output gear pumps to handle a wide range of materials.
Teflon-lined melt tank reduces adhesive char and minimizes degradation buildup.
Finned melt grid in tank bottom increases melt rate for fast warmup and continuous melting.
High performance pump rates up to 395 lb/hr (179 kg/hr).
Supported by high performance pattern controllers, head drivers, and automatic flow controllers.
System power circuit breaker protects the entire system from overload.
Tank-mounted overtemperature switch backs up the tank thermostat in case of a tank thermostat failure.
Circuit breaker protects the pump motor by opening the pump motor circuit during a stall or an overload condition.
Melt tank is also equipped with a pump warm-up switch, for the protection of the pump-drive mechanism.

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