Slautterback KB 10H Hot Melt Applicator – 060424399011A

Model: KB 10H

S/N: 205013MB

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High Performance Extrusion Melt Unit – The versatile Slautterback® KB10 Melt Unit supplies hotmelt adhesive for a wide range of manual or automatic packaging and product assembly operations. Designed for low volume applications, the KB10 holds up to 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) of hotmelt in pillow, pellet, slab or bulk form. The cylindrical shape of the melt tank concentrates heat at the tank bottom while maintaining cooler temperatures at the top. This minimizes adhesive degradation and charring which reduces pump, hose and nozzle plugging. An electric motor driving a positive displacement gear pump pressurizes and feeds adhesive through heated hoses to handguns or automatic applicators.

Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing.

The tank melts the adhesive and holds it until it is pumped to the dispensing guns. The materials pass through a piston pump into a distribution manifold. The manifold directs the flow of adhesive from the pump to the filter and from the filter to the hoses and guns. With its aluminum construction, cast-in heaters, and integral melting fins, the tank is designed for efficient heat transfer. A strainer in the tank prevents unmelted adhesive from blocking the pump inlet when you fill the tank. The operator panel provides the controls and indicators you need to program, operate, and monitor your hot melt system. The control system regulates all temperature settings and controls how the unit functions.

Max current A 20
Frequency Hz 60
Voltage Volt 200/230
Max temperature °C 205

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