SKF Separator Filter Dryer


SKF Separator Filter Dryer

Separator Filter Dryer Description

This innovative 3 in 1 duplex design SFD (Separator Filter Dryer) protects compressed air systems by removing damaging oil, water vapor and contaminants. The easy to maintain SFD is a compact heatless desiccant air dryer that delivers high quality air. Working continuously, the dryer toggles from one side to the other cleaning the air and regenerating simultaneously.

Reduce energy and operating costs with the SFD.
Compressed air is a commonly used source of power due to its convenience and versatility. Contaminated compressed air lines drag down productivity, raise operating costs and increase maintenance requirements negating the benefits. The SFD removes these harmful contaminants while consuming less energy by typically using less than 10% regeneration air – less than half than other air treatments!
The SFD’s modular design fits any situation
At point-of-use to meet particularly high quality requirements. The SFD can reach -40°F dew point.
Or at the front end, providing clean, dry air to the full operation.
All weather SFD.
Compressed air, exposed to the winter elements, usually means slowing of operations and escalating maintenance costs. The robust SFD installs anywhere, in or outdoors, delivering clean dry air even in the coldest of environments allowing productivity to continue.
Simple and easy to service.
On-site personnel can perform the simple tasks of replacing the spin-off desiccant cartridges and easily accessible service components in a matter of minutes.

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