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Shure-Glue NC-30 Hot-Melt Gluer Unit – 100121095050

Part Number: 760XX708 

S/N: 0411-127BB

Gluer Description


  • Independent control of each heated zone minimizes adhesive degradation and permits precise, uniform patterns.
  • Cast-in heating elements allow quick warm-up and improved heat transfer.
  • Teflon-coated tanks, grids, and hoppers reduce char buildup for easy maintenance.
  • Independent, redundant overtemperature circuits and system overpressure protection, provide safe operation.
  • 45-degree manifold face for easier hose routing.
  • Contacts for remote indication of fault and ready conditions.
  • Precise RTD temperature sensing.
  • Prepackaged quick-change parts availability.
  • Compatibility with industry standard, pumps, RTD hoses, guns, filter tanks and drain valves.
  • Outlets for four hoses and guns.
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