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Shanklin T-7H Shrink Tunnel w/ F5 Automatic Side Sealer and Centerfolder Unit – 053123217011A

Model: T-7H
S/N: T-98217

Model: F-5A
S/N: F9881

Model: Centerfolder F0233
S/N: F9881

Model TC-10
S/N: 011428


Shanklin T-7H Shrink Tunnel Is Simple, Reliable, And Hard-Working For Superior Packages Every Time!!

Shanklin T-7H Shrink Tunnel gives you the heavy-duty, continuous service your packaging production demands. Loaded with features and accessories, the highlight of the T-7H is a higher tunnel opening designed to easily accommodate those medium- to high-profile packages that can pose frustrating wrapping challenges. Easy access front-mounted control box comes standard on the T-7H, in left- or right-hand options.


  • Virtually maintenance – free, thanks to straightforward, dependable design
  • Easy to use – Set temperature, conveyor speed, air velocity, and go!
  • Flexible – Adjustable top air jet velocity ensure superior shrinks of unusual products.
  • Heavy-duty conveyor – Stainless steel mesh belt, variable speed DC drive.
  • Fixed tunnel ceiling height; features expanded tunnel opening to accommodate medium to high profile packages, front-mounted control box standard.


  • Tunnel control switch
  • Main power fused disconnect
  • Adjustable top air flow
  • Main air velocity
  • Conveyor variable speed
  • Conveyor switch
  • Volume control for bottom air
  • Cascade plates for side air

Safety features:

  • Motor overload protection
  • Emergency stops switches
  • High temperature limit switch

Shanklin F5A Side Sealer Is Expertly Designed And Built To Take On A Wide Range Of Wrapping Challenges!!

Shanklin F5A Side Sealer shrink wrap product with neat trim seals on three sides of the package, handling even irregular shapes with ease. The inverting heads do not require a precise matching of film width, thus allowing you to run many sizes of packages with only a moderate selection of film widths. F5A features a belt infeed that accepts intermittently delivered and randomly spaced product, setting the correct spacing by controlling the infeed belt speeds. It can also handle random product length for uninterrupted operation. It is capable of wrapping up to 50 packages per minute. F-5 features a Flighted lug in-feed conveyor for faster operating speeds; can wrap up to 75 packages per minute.


  • Fully automatic operation
  • Versatile
  • Solid performance
  • Easy to use
  • Easy Changeover And Safe

Shanklin F5A Automatic Side Sealer is fully equipped with following safety devices:

  • Emergency stop button instantly stops all machine functions until manually reset
  • Multiple safety interlocks
  • Air cylinder safety opens end seal jaws
  • Torque limiters on main drive and infeed conveyor
  • Low voltage sensors and actuators
  • Tamper-resistant controls


Package Size Min: 1/2″ W x 1/8″ H x 3″ L
                        Max: 16″ W x 6″ H x 48″ L
Optional 10″ jaw opening
Max. Film Width 22″ folded or 44″ flat
Conveyor Height 35 1/2″ – 41 1/2″ without casters
41 1/2″ – 47 1/2″ with casters
Package Speeds 75 packages/min. maximum
Drive 3/4 HP DC motor with variable speed control
Power 230V/1Ph/20A