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Shanklin S23B Shrink Wrap System w/ Magnetic Hold Down and Power Take Away – 112921092025

Shrink Wrap System Specifications

Model: I-6XL (S/N: T82151)

Model: S-23B (S/N: S8319)

Stainless steel infeed wrap table: 22 3/4″ long x 17″ wide elevated 33″ above the floor

Outfeed belt: 18 1/4″ long x 15 3/4″ wide

Outfeed elevation pictured at 30 1/2″ above the floor

Seal jaw: long side: 21″ long, short side: 19″ long

Seal jaw dropped with two buttons to ensure hands remain safe while operating

Temperature control

Air requirements: Max.: 60 psi, Min.: 40 psi

Discharge delay control knob

Film rollers are 25 1/2″ wide

Adjustable for various widths of film

Last ran 17 3/4″ wide film

Motor driven film unwinder

Hole punch included

Small machine footprint

Adjustable height

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